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    My name is Daichi Takahashi, i am the commander of the 23rd squad of the Soul Society. u might say i am part of the royal family but i dont think of my self that way. here is my story:
    Daichi is a prodigy child from the lies of others. he can harness the power from fire, water, ice, and darkness, his main dream and ambition are peace. a bad thing happend when daichi was a small boy. he was taken away from his family where he lost all of his memory because of an injection that was put into his body by a mad scientist. daichi grew up knowing that only a dragon was his parent. dai's childhood was rough and hard since he was human and his parent was a dragon. when dai turned 18 he met a girl named luna, he fell in love with her but she had been dating. after a while he and luna got togeather and are soon to be married. Daichi is a famous dragon tamer from the lands of jikata. in daichi's left eye is a seal of dragon, and the right eye is the seal of souls. Daichis zanpakuto is called Kuki meaning dragon of eturnial grateness. he optained this from the mountins of dark and light. These mountains are over 5000ft above sea level and are protected by numerous obsitacals. the mountian is devided into 2 halfs, there is a light side and a darkness side, but some stay the path of both darkness and light so that they can get to the top quicker then the rest. The darkness side of the mountian is a deathly side. almost none have gotten till the top because of all of the demons that have set up there homes along the mountain. on the other hand the light side is an easier side since there is almost no demons but there are some people that will stop u for help along that side. when the smart ones take the trail of darkness and light there are no stops because it is the shrotest path to the dragon shrine at the top of the mountain. this shrine is were the most powerful dragon in all the land lives, his power is more then a gods, it can change the features of land at his own will.

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